Thursday, January 07, 2010

Some Comments on MMFF 2009

Every December I make it a point to watch the entries of the Metro Manila Film Festival. This has been my annual ritual for the past 11 years I think.

This year, because of the very few watchable films to choose from, I was only able to see three. Mano Po 6, Ang Panday and I Love You Goodbye.

Here are my comments:

Best Movie: Mano Po 6. Because the story was believable. I didn't say realistic. I said believable. And as long as I can believe it, it's okay with me.

Best Actress: Angelica Panganiban (as Lizelle in I Love You Goodbye). Because she acted naturally. Runner-up: Zsa Zsa Padilla (as Olive Uy in Mano Po 6). Of all the pinoy actors who tried to impersonate chinoys, she was the closest. She had me at, "May nakakita ba ng Pei Pa Koa ko?!"

Best Actor: I hate to say this, but believe it or not, Gabby Concepcion (as Adrian in I Love You Goodbye).

Worst Screenplay: Ang Panday. Lousy plot. Excruciatingly slow dialogue. Gee-maneez.

Worst cameo appearance: TIE. Anne Curtis, John Lapus and a whole bunch of other actors in Ang Panday. Ang daming segways at sub-plots na pampagulo lang.

Worst Actor: TIE. Joonee Gamboa in Ang Panday. I used to like his voice overs, but his dialogue and acting were both over the top. And Phillip Salvador, also in Panday. That was a real bad portrayal of a villain.

Worst Actress: My namesake, Kris Aquino. Just didn't like the way she portrayed her character in Mano Po 6. It looked a bit OA.

I didn't bother to watch Wapakman, Nobody but Juan, and the others. I hope next year, mas madaming watchable na entries.

2 comments: said...

You made me smile when I read that you hate to say that Gabby Concepcion was the best. Heheh, I got to watch only Mano Po and I Love You Goodbye, which I loved. Gabby and Angelica were really good. BTW, I cried the whole time watching Mano Po. I'm a Chinoy with 25% Chinese blood, and married to a pure Chinese. Zsa Zsa as the bitchy pure Chinese in-law was stellar, I think. LOL about that pei pa koa line, omigosh!

Kris Ablan said...

Well, malapit nanaman ang MMFF 2010! Let's see kung may Mano Po 7!