Saturday, February 21, 2009

Movie Matinee

When I told my students this morning that me and the wife were catching a movie right after class they mocked me (paging tere, diane and anik).  Bakit daw ang aga ko manuod ng sine.

It never occurred to me that watching the first showing of the day was odd or unusual.  Apparently, to my 20 year old students, it is.

Ever since I was a kid I had always watched the matinee showing.  I guess it started when I watched movies in the U.S. My sister would take me to the matinee showing (between 11:00am to 5:00pm) because the tickets were cheaper, there were fewer people and it gave us a chance to watch another movie right after.  Nakasanayan ko na.

This doesn't mean I don't watch at night, I do.  I watch the 8pm or 9pm showing with my Xavier friends, Barnett and Jamieson.

But when I do have the choice, I still try to catch the matinee showing.

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