Monday, February 02, 2009

I can't believe they hacked a live dog in front of me

Today, February 2, is the 191st Foundation Day of the Province of Ilocos Norte.  As part of the day's celebration, all the municipalities and cities sent their respective delegation to perform.

Some towns sent their best dancers, others their best singers, and a few sent their best marching bands.

Four towns, sent their indigenous people to present their native rituals.  Nueva Era presented a courtship dance.  Dumalneg showcased their peace dance.  While Adams and Carasi prepared a death ritual.

It was very educational.  I was fascinated with their chants and dances.  Imagine my horror then when right before our very eyes one of the itnegs grabbed a dog and hacked it to death!  I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't believe they would slaughter a dog in front of us.  It was a real, live dog!  I saw it being pulled on stage and tied to a make-shift bahay kubo earlier in the presentation.  

Out came its flesh and blood.
I wasn't the only one outraged (you know, that's against the law.  It's animal cruelty).  The other local officials also looked dumbfounded.  When we confronted the town mayor, she explained that it was necessary.  The itnegs believed if a dog is not killed, then the ritual is not complete and one of them might be harmed.

Okay, okay, okay, fine.  If they insist.  Pero warningan naman kami sana next time.  Para naman mapaghandaan ko yung reaction ko. 

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