Friday, January 30, 2009

Militarization of the Executive Branch

I rarely agree with my leftist friends on matters about government because I think they believe that it's still 1972.  So, imagine my surprise when I found myself agreeing with them on this particular issue.

I agree that appointing all these ex-military brass to top civilian positions is very, very alarming.
To name a few:
1.  General Angelo Reyes in the DOE
2.  General Eduardo Ermita as Executive Secretary
3.  General Hermogenes Ebdane in the DPWH
4.  General Leandro Mendoza in the DOTC
5.  General Hermogenes Esperon as Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process
6.  General Alberto Suansing in the LTO
7.  General Thompson Lantion in the LTFRB
8.  General Roy Cimatu as Special Envoy to the Middle East

In a TV interview about the issue, General Reyes said that there are best practices from the military that can be proven useful in government administration, or something to that effect.

True, but that doesn't justify the appointment of ex-generals to the positions.  I can also argue that there are a lot of best practices from the corporate sector that can be implemented in government, so why not appoint more business executives in the cabinet?  I'm sure there are some who are willing to take a leave from their profitable jobs to serve in government.

I can also argue that there are a lot of best practices from the academe just waiting to be adopted in the government bureaucracy, so why not appoint more technocrats?

So, it still begs the question, why appoint all these generals to high positions in government?

Baka nasa isip ko lang to, pero nakakatakot ha.  You know, I get scared when I watch General Reyes on TV.  Para bang any moment now pa-pa-push-up niya ako.

I know they are qualified, Madame President, but there are others who are as, or more, qualified than them.  I have no problem with a few token appointments for military officers, but a whole lot of them?  We're one general short of a military junta.   

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