Monday, January 12, 2009

Interesting Joyful Attraction

Nubija, short for "Nearby Useful Bike, Interesting Joyful Attraction", is the bike sharing program of Changwon City in South Korea. 

It works similar to the bike sharing program of Paris (Velib) wherein there are bike stations all over the city.  You want to use a bike to get from Point A to Point B?  Just pay with your credit card at the terminal and a bike is released by one of the bike stands.  You bike to Point B.  If you get there in less than 30 minutes, the ride is free.  If not, there is a small fee.  You return the bike in a bike stand.  Electronic diagnostics will determine if the bike is fine (no flats, missing parts, etc.) and then okay na!  Eto yung "How to Use" Guide nila:

Galing!  Check out their website.  Sana someday, magkaroon nang ganyan dito sa Pilipinas.  Para ma-obliterate na yang mga pedicabs na yan na nakakainis.*

*:  Yes, pedicabs use pedal power and do not contribute to global warming, BUT THEIR DESIGN IS TOTALLY WRONG for me.  The passenger cars are at the side, making it wide enough to take up space of a regular car.  It takes up a lot of road space, which contributes to heavy traffic, which makes cars exhaust more polluted air.  Check out the rickshaws in China and Japan, the driver is in front while the passengers are at the back.  They're narrower in design, that way, other vehicles can pass them with ease.  Even in Thailand, the tuktuks have the passenger car behind the driver.

That's why unless mapalitan ang desing ng pedicab, galit ako sa kanila.  Mas mabuti na lang tong bike sharing program.

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