Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's up with the Local Franchises of Endemol?

I am a fan of both US versions of Survivor and Fear Factor, that's why I hate myself for disliking the local versions of the two shows.  Here are my reasons:

1.  In the original TV shows, there's one episode per week.  And that episode takes up about an hour.  I reserve that particular time slot as Survivor hour and/or Fear Factor hour.

And it's all in there.  For Survivor, andun na yung 2 challenges and tribal council.  In Fear Factor, there are 3 challenges and that's it.  Nagkasya lahat sa isang oras.  And then happy na ako.  I've gotten my fill of Survivor and Fear Factor for the week.  And then I go on with my life.

I don't know why, for the life of me, sa Pinoy Survivor AND sa Pinoy Fear Factor, they've divided and stretched an episode into 5 days!  For Survivor, I've noticed that there's a challenge on one day.  Tapos the next day kwentuhan.  Tapos the next day immunity challenge.  And then the next one Tribal Council.  What's up with that?!  Ano 'to, telenobela?!

Siguro it's a marketing thing.  Pero I don't like it.  Na-turn-off ako.  I don't want to watch Survivor everyday.  It becomes a real wast of time.

I know I am a TV addict, Ria will attest to that.  But what GMA and ABS are doing is a complete waste of my time.  

Stretching a single episode into 5 episodes.  

2. Second, they fill in the hour with useless clips.  I was watching Pinoy Fear Factor last night and half an hour the camera was following the participantes around Buenos Aires.  Sa cottage nila, sa church.

Add to that the ignominy of listening to each participantes life story.  My gawd, let's get straight to the challenges.  That's what I want to watch, you know.  Kaya nga Fear Factor ang pinapanood ko.  If I wanted to watch a sob story, I'll wait of Maalala Mo Kaya!

3.  Last, and particularly for Pinoy Fear Factor, what's up with the spanish?  


Ronda de eliminacion?

Escapo de auto de aquatico?

Viva Filipinas?

What year is it today, 1898?!

Viva Filipinas?

Are you kidding me?

I know the entire show was taped in Argentina and I don't care for whatever reason they chose to go there--budget siguro, but to speak in spanish because they were in south america?

Isn't that degrading ourselves?

Have we no national pride?

If they want to speak spanish, speak it straight.  Siguro papalabasin din to sa Argentina.  Pero speak straight spanish.  Panindigan mo na, di ba?

But if you also translate what you say in spanish into tagalog, then naglolokohan na lang tayo.

i-tagalog mo na lang.

You speaking in spanish then tagalog makes me feel na nagyayabang ka, and at the same time makes me feel naawa ako sa inyo at nahihiya ako para sa inyo.


And that's why after watching the first episode of Pinoy Survivor and Pinoy Fear Factor, I decided not to continue watching them.  

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