Saturday, September 27, 2008

Issue with Commemorative Plates

Last July, I ordered a commemorative plate commemorating the 90th year of Upsilon Sigma Phi.  I shelled out 2,500 pesos and submitted copies of my LTO Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt for 2008.  Weeks later, I received my plate with sticker and contract.  I followed the terms of the contract.  I placed the sticker on my windshield, I kept the contract in the glove compartment and I installed the commemorative plate on top of my regular car plate, to wit:
If you notice, my original car plate is behind or under the commemorative plate.  

Those were the instructions.  Any other interpretation would be stupid and ridiculous.

A few days ago, I was stopped by a Makati Policeman (MAPSA) and he told me bawal daw yung ginawa ko.

Dapat daw nakikita pa rin yung original car plate.  Sa taas daw yung commemorative plate, at sa ibaba yung original car plate, parang ganito:
First of all, walang butas yung commemorative plate ko sa baba para maikabit ng ganyan.  It wasn't designed to installed with the screws on the bottom.

Second, what country in the entire universe requires TWO plates placed in front of a vehicle?  That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.  

The very reason I purchased a commemorative plate is to replace my old car plate with it in front.  I don't see the reason why I have to maintain the front car plate if andun pa naman yung isa pang original car plate sa likod.

Third, I paid 2,500 pesos and submitted my registration papers to LTO prior to receiving it.  So, aren't I supposed to be cleared na?  

Eh kung palalagay niyo rin sa akin yung commemorative plate sa tabi ng original car plate, eh di I'm better off 

NOT paying 2,500 pesos, 
NOT sticking the large sticker on my windshield, 
NOT submitting my registration papers,
AND, just make my own custom-made car plate, and place it next to the original car plate.


Ganun din ang labas eh.  Naka-save pa ako ng pera.

I asked the traffic enforcer what law was he enforcing.

He showed me a newspaper clipping with an article that said ganun dapat yung pag-install.

Well, I'm sorry!  a newspaper article is not law.

I told him to show me the LTO regulation.

Wala siya mapakita.

I told him I was a lawyer and insisted that before he formally apprehends, to show me the LTO regulation.

He let me go and just told me to fix it at home.

The hell I will.

Having a commemorative plate in front of a vehicle is a privilege given by the state.

I PAID for that privilege.

If they're going to say I have to place it side by side with my original car plate, which defeats the purpose of why you bought a commemorative plate in the first place, then I want my money back.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pepsi,

I've ben googling all day for the IRR on the use of commemorative plates. Can't seem to find any...what i found is an IRR on the use of Vanity plates (VLP), and from I read you cannot use a vanity plate if you have a "valid" commemorative plate (CLP). VLPs are placed at the rear / CLPs in front.

I totally agree with you because:

For sure, when you were issued with the CLP, the realease document only stated that; it is illegal for you to remove the license plate of your vehicle in place of the CLP. You did not remove it. You simply super imposed the CLP.

Why would LTO prohibit applying for a VLP if you have a valid CLP? The intention is clear, the CLP is meant to replace the license plate in front of your car while the CLP is valid, thus it has to be registered with the LTO..This only supports that the CLP is meant to cover the License plate in font of your car and not to be place on top of it.