Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arrival at NAIA III on its 1st day of operations

6 years after it was completed, and more than 10 years after construction started, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 is finally operational, albeit on a very small scale.

I was one of the first passengers to use the terminal when I arrived from Laoag on board Cebu Pacific's ATR service at 10pm of July 22, 2008. (see Videos Section)

Since the plane was a small propeller plane, there was no air bridge connecting the plane and the terminal so we had to disembark on the tarmac.  Inside, the terminal looked okay.  It was bright and clean and shiny.  I passed through the immigration booths then proceeded to the arrival area where their were numerous conveyor belts.  I stepped out and that was that.

When I was with the Office of the Solicitor General I was one of many government lawyers assigned to the plethora of PIATCO cases, and though I was involved with it for only 2 months I strongly believed the airport would never open.

I am glad it finally is.

Credit should go to all those involved, but I would like to make special mention of Sec. Mike Defensor.  This guy is Malacanang's troubleshooter.  I wonder what he did to make NAIA III operational.

Ano kayang hocus pocus ginawa ni Sec. Mike?  Galing niya ah.

Anyhoo, I hope tuloy tuloy na to.  Sana ma-transfer na lahat ng flights dito from Domestic Terminal and NAIA I, specially the latter.  It's really a worn down terminal.  Dapat gawin na siyang museum.

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