Friday, May 09, 2008

Busy as a B

Busy as a Bokal, that is.  You know, summertime's not only circumcision time, it's also fiesta time-both town and barangay!  I thought after graduation ceremonies, I'd get a break from public appearances. Boy, was I wrong.

Another role for us Bokals, aside from legislating, is to be guest speakers in local events.  That's why punong-puno sched this May.

Here I am crowning the Little Mr. Day Care of Brgy. Ablan, Burgos Town:

Here I am crowning the 2nd runner-up of the Mutya ng Sarrat 2008 Pageant:

Here I am marching with the officials and balikbayans during the town fiesta of Sarrat:

Here I am pinning the sash of the the winner of the production number of the Search of Little Mr. and Ms. Brgy. Dibua North, Laoag City: 

And here I am crowning the Mrs. Parut of Brgy. Parut, Vintar Town:

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