Friday, January 25, 2008

The Exit Plan

Last Saturday, I accompanied Ria to the birthday celebration of her officemate, Reyna, in Paranaque. The usual thing, kainan, kwentuhan and magic sing. After about two hours, Ria and I asked to be excused and said our good byes.

Yesterday, Ria told me that Reyna and her family were amused with our exit because I seemed to be an expert on it. I ate, did a little chit-chat, sang a song, greeted the birthday celebrant and said good bye, all in one single motion. Bihasang bihasa na daw ako sa pagiging politiko.


Not really.

This exit plan of mine can be traced back way before I became bokal. In 2001 to be exact. Right after I was initiated in Upsilon. You see, the junior brods are the workhorses of the fraternity. They are the ones ordered by the senior brods to do this, do that. They are also expected to attend all the functions and activities of the frat. And if you attend, the juniors should be the last to leave the venue.

This is where my 'exit' was born. Since the activities lasted until the wee hours of the morning, and I had work in Congress at 8am the next day, I really couldn't stay til the end. What I'd do is show myself to the Most Illustrious Fellow (MIF)and to the Officers; engage in a little chitchat with them; and 'participate' a little in the discussion or activity. Then when the time was right (meaning, immediately after the main activity), I would sneek up to the MIF to apologize about leaving. Valid naman yung reason ko kasi I was a working student.

And the exit plan came into being.

As the years went by, the exit plan evolved. For instance, when I became a senior brod, I would just do a 'french' exit. I actually don't know the etymology of the term, but it's whey you just slip out of the function. I would only whisper good bye to the brod next to me, pretend I'd go to the CR or get something from the car, then leave.

When I became bokal, I adopted this practice. I'm sure all of you know programs and fiestas in the province reach til as late as 2 or 3 in the morning. They are soooo long. And if you want to make good use of the morning the next day, you'd really have to slip out in the middle of the program. I stay until after I give my speech. In fact, I have already incorporated in my speech the part where I say I have to leave right after. Nagpapaalam naman ako ng mabuti.

Kaya siguro nung birthday party ni Reyna, nakapaggreet ako ng happy birthday at nakapagpaalam na ako at the same time while singing Journey's Without You. Na-perfect ko na ang exit strategy ko.

The exit plan. bow,

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Anonymous said...

don't forget the photo-ops before the actual exit...