Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ano akala niyo sa akin, timang?!

The Provincial Board Members League of the Philippines, or PBMLP, scheduled its annual National Convention from last Monday and ending today, Wednesday.

It was the first time for me to attend such an event, and let me tell you this, I was dissappointed. Registration was a mess. Our 'kits' comprised of a black bag, an ID, and a certificate of insurance. The most important detail, THE PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES, was missing. Anong schedule namin?!

True enough, wala kaming ginawang substantial on the first day. Disorganized sila.

I've seen better conventions organized by college and high school students.

Tuesday was a little different. There was still chaos, but atleast may activity naman. We had a talk on Human Rights and Justice. The speakers were Commissioner Cueto of the CHR and Senator Escudero. Cueto was boring, but I think we owed him the attention. NO ONE WAS LISTENING!!! At nung si Escudero naman nagsalita, nagtitilian yung mga babaeng bokal. Anyhoo, this was the first time for me to listen to Chiz live, and I must say he is very engaging. Galing ng tagalog niya.

After those talks, I attended the one on Health. The topic was on the Reproductive Health bill by Congresswoman Janette Garin. It was very interesting. Ang sad lang na konti lang umattend. Most of the bokals were outside smoking and having coffee.

The culminating activity of the convention, apparent to me, was the election of officers. Nevermind, the exchange of best practices, who cares about that. To the bokals, what matters most is the elections.

And I was really dissappointed with how it went. Could you imagine, the candidates were taking me for a fool? They had tarpaulins all over the hotel. They were distributing flyers, ballpens, calendars, calling cards and other campaign paraphernalia. The posters had their picture, name and bio-data. BUT NO PROGRAM OF GOVERNMENT! NO PLATFORM WHATSOEVER.

How could I make an intelligent choice, especially this was the first time I met them face to face.

I'll base my judgment on looks and background? eh pare-pareho naman kaming mga bokal ah.


I felt so insulted!!!

Ano ako, uneducated voter?!

3 were running for president and during their 3-minute campaign speech all they could think of was to have a service vehicle?!

Service vehicle?!

How about creating or updating the PBMLP website so that we could have a place to exchange ideas and tap each others database? I was looking for that kind of program, pero wala silang binigay.

Sigaw na lang sila ng pangalan nila at posisyon.

Ano to, election ng barangay?

This is the election of officers of the Provincial Board Members League of the Philippines! I expected more.

So who did I vote? of the 3 candidates for President, I didn't vote for any of them. Binoto ko si "-------------".

As for the other positions, I only voted those who took the time to talk to me and introduced themselves.

I'm seriously considering not attending next year's convention. waste of money and time.

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