Friday, October 26, 2007

Too Fast, Too Soon

Oh My Friggin' Gawd!

Executive Clemency just 6 weeks after conviction?! That's one for the books, I'm sure!

I can't friggin' believe it!

Just when everyone was starting to think that there was real justice in this country, she takes it away!

Poor Dennis Villa-Ignacio and his team of state prosecutors. Poor Sandiganbayan justices. All this work and time away from family and loved ones, for nothing. 6 1/2 years down the drain!

All this pressure coming from all sides and to withstand it in the name of justice, all gone.

What a waste of government money.


Kahit na it was the 'right' move politically, I had hoped that the Arroyo administration waited a little bit longer. Like one year man lang. To give semblance ba of justice.

But 1 1/2 months? That's one for Guiness.

Di pa tuyo yung pinta, pinalaya na. Ano ba yan?!

1 comment:

arianne said...

grabe, no? what i cannot stomach is all the time and money put into his detention and trial. and all for naught, apparently. our government has spent an estimated 12M pesos on his security and medical expenses over the past 6 1/2 years. grabe :(