Friday, October 12, 2007

Thank you and Farewell, Miriam

I took a picture of my business law class while they were taking their finals last week. It was my last day as a teacher in Miriam college. This November I will be transferring my teaching load here in Laoag, either at Northwestern University or Divine Word College.

Although I enjoyed my stay in Miriam, the commute to and fro Ilocos was burdensome and expensive. And so I gave my slot to my brod, Marc. Batch, easy ka lang sa kanila ha. 'wag ka na mag-socratic method. It doesn't work sa undergrad.

I'd like to thank my classmate, Joey, for giving me her slot last year. And Entrep. Dept. Chair, Mona, for giving me the chance to teach. The experience was very fulfilling.

I'd also like to thank my last class, IV-Entrep-1, for trying their very best to behave and listen. I hope you girls learned a thing or two from the course, and I also hope I have helped you, in one way or the other, prepare for your future business endeavors. Good luck!

A few parting words from Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar... "If a man were to know the end of this day's business 'er it come, but suffices that the day will end and the end be known... And if we meet again, well, then we'll smile. If not, then this parting was well made."

Thank you and Farewell, Miriam College. God speed.

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