Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding

I’m here in the US to attend the wedding of my best friend, Earl. Incidentally, he is getting married to my college blockmate, Cheryl. Both of them are now based in California. The ceremony, however, will be here in Las Vegas.

Ilan din kami na schoolmates ni Earl ang dadalo sa wedding niya. There’s Barnett and Ked, who I traveled with from Manila last week. There’s Ryan, who will be coming from Los Angeles, and Chester, who will be flying in from New York. Another barkada friend of ours, Kendrick, flew to NYC from Manila last week and will be flying in with Chester this Friday. Larry, our batchmate from Ateneo, will also arrive from Canada this week.

Masmadami siguro ang pupunta kung hindi lang sa mahal ang ticket at sa busy schedules. Among those invited, but who will be missing the wedding are Jamieson and Mike. Jamieson is busy with work and Mike has his family. Ria was also invited, but she maxed out her leave credits during the campaign. I would have second thoughts of coming over also, since I just started my job as Board Member, but I’m Best Man.

I’m happy to be here, nonetheless. It’s the first wedding I’m attending abroad kasi. In fact, I was so excited to wear a tux. Pero of all weddings, Earl wanted it Filipiniana. So I’m wearing a barong tagalog in LV.

This Friday will be the Bachelor’s Party. I will be arranging a 7-course sit-down dinner at the Bellagio, followed by coffee and dessert at the Venetian, and cap it off with Phantom of the Opera…NOT!

Joking aside, I wish Earl and Che all the best and I hope they have a long-lasting relationship.

To Earl and Che!


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