Wednesday, August 22, 2007

8th Session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan

Today, I will talk about what goes on during a session day at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Ilocos Norte.

It is August 21, Tuesday. Our regular session day is Monday. But since, there was no work yesterday, being a holiday, we moved it to the next working day.

I went to the office this morning. I finalized a resolution about the provincial library. We had funds for a new library, but it wasnt enough. So, we were going to solicit for more. It was certified as urgent by the Governor.

A friend visited me asking for a job recommendation. I made one.

This afternoon, I finalized a committee report on an ordinance passed by the sangguniang bayan of Pagudpud. It was a tax ordinance that was vetoed by the Mayor for non-satisfaction of the public hearing requirement, which was overridden by the council. Our committee found that the council did not muster enough votes (2/3 of all members) to override the veto, so we recommended the ordinance's disapproval.

There were a couple of people who visited me in the office. One was a barangay captain asking for 100 bags of cement. Another was a lady who is sick with breast cancer and she was asking for financial assistance. I told the captain to wait since my Barangay Dev't Fund hasn't been released yet. I prepared an endorsement to the PCSO for financial assistance for the sick lady. Kawawa naman siya.

I walked to the Capitol at 2:30. Some reporters interviewed me regarding that particular pagudpud ordinance. At 2:45 the vice-governor called the session to order. The pambansang awit was sung. And then the prayer.... I was assigned to lead the prayer this week. Ehehehe, para maiba naman, instead of reading a prayer, I sang one. I sang The Prayer of Generosity, as arranged by Bukas Palad. I practiced early this morning so I thought I was fine. When it came to the actual thing, I was so nervous. And it was obvious when I was singing. Anyway, that was done. We next sang the provincial hymn. I am still in the process of memorizing it.

Since my ordinance was urgent, we tackled it in the floor. I gave my privilege speech. I said it was a simple resolution. We already appropriated 11 million for it. we need more. I didn't want to get it from the provincial budget. So we'll ask from outside. after my speech, I was interpellated by some board members. I defended the resolution and after half an hour had it approved by the body.

Afterwards, we tackled ordinances of the different towns and cities. No ordinance from Laoag, my district,

Later on, I presented my Committee Report. I explained the facts behind the ordinance and gave the committee's recommendation. disapproval. It was approved by the body.

Then we discussed other matters.

We adjourned at 6:30pm.

And that's a day in the work life of a Bokal.

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