Saturday, July 07, 2007

This Course is Messed Up

I've been teaching in Miriam College since September last year. It all started when my law school blockmate, Joey Tapia, was looking for someone to replace her in her teaching load in Miriam. I had always wanted to teach so when I heard the news I called her up.

I took over her Business Law class. Last 2 weeks of the sem and I was supposed to teach Partnerships and Corporations. 4 classes of 90 minutes each.

Are you serious?!

What happened was we just breezed through those topics (2 separate courses in law school).

In came the 2nd semester and i taught taxation. In law school, tax comprised of Tax 1 and 2. So, here in Miriam's undergrad, okay lang na ipagsama sa isa.

Then this sem came. Back to Business Law. And I'm having a hard time teaching it because there's just so much to teach. Kahit breeze through lang ang hirap. Literally, after every class, i am out of breath.

Can you imagine in one sem I have to teach Obligations and Contracts; Sales; Agency; Partnership; and Corporations?! Even when I was an undergrad, these were separate subjects. Oblicon was 3 units. Sales and Special Contracts was another 3 units. Agency was separate. So was Partnerships. In law school, Corporations was 2 courses. And then here 5 topics in one class!


Right now I'm done discussing Kinds of Obligations. I hope to finish Extinguishment by next week so that I could start with Contracts. I hope to finish oblicon by the end of July so that maka-exam na kami and continue with Sales this August.

I will definitely write a letter to the upper-ups recommending to divide the course into two, or lessen the topics.

Naawa din kasi ako sa class ko eh. Di pa ako nagsasalita nakikita ko nang dumudugo yung tenga.

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aCey said...

wow, you teach business law? you're just the perfect person our all-girl school here in cebu need! haha.