Monday, August 14, 2006

AFPRESCOM application Woes

I’m really disappointed with the people in the P.E. section of the GHQ Station Hospital in Camp Aguinaldo. Real disappointed. I’ve been going back and forth to their office this past month for my medical clearance and they have been so unhelpful.

I went there last Monday to submit my laboratory clearances kasi tapos na ako. I asked them when can I get my medical clearance and they told me in a week. Fine. So I went back today, the Monday after. Yun yung sabi nila eh

When I got there they asked for my drug test results. WTF?! Drug test? Wala naman silang sinabing drug test ah! I looked at my list requirements and nowhere does it say drug test. Sobra akong nainis! I have no problems taking a drug test, but they should’ve informed me, at the very latest, last week. All along akala ko tapos na ako, yun pala hindi pa.

Lampas na ng isang buwan na pabalikbalik ako sa opisina nila, ni ho ni ha wala akong narinig na kelangan kong magpa-drug test. Tapos ngayon when I expect to get my clearance they say, ‘ay, magpa-drugtest ka muna!’ Ang masakit pa niyan, wala silang facilities sa loob ng hospital. I was told to go out pa. WTF!!

So, I went to Cubao. Dun ako naghanap ako ng diagnostic center. Had my friggin’ drug test, and submitted it to the P.E. Section. Sana naman okay na yun.

Ang hirap nang pabalik-balik sa camp aguinaldo. It is not near my office. It is so out of the way. Sana naman maging considerate sila sa mga nag-a-apply na reservists. Ako na nga etong nag-vo-volunteer to help the AFP, sobrang naman nila ako pinapahirapan sa application ko.


Rowil said...

Sir Kris,

Iv also submitted my application for commission at AFPRESCOM last Aug 2006 for TSRG MAC. Six months have passed my papers are still at the Surgeon General's Office.

Kainis talaga AFP, padala ng padala ng message to encourage application by reservists then pinapahirapan applicants. Magastos pa naman mag-apply, so many papers needed.

Sgt Rowil A Tirro (Res) PA

Anonymous said...

we would like to help all those who wanted to be a reservist... please report any incidents to AFP Reserve Command or the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Reservist and Reserve Force Development, J8 both in Camp Aguinaldo....just try to call 9116513 pldt or 9116001 local 6946 / 4585